HILL END ARTIST RESIDENCY, awarded by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery 29th July – 29th Aug 2010.  The installation exhibtion continued till 1st October at Hill End Visitor Centre.

To My Dear Mix.

Wall work of paper collage, nails and string

Dimensions:  857cm x 302cm x 2 cm

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This project was composed and installed for Hill End Artist in Residency program with the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery.  At the Hill End Visitor Centre I held open studio for the duration of the residency, installing a wall work in paper collage, pin and string derived from my visual and felt experiences of the landscape, its artists and local history.
Drawing is central to my art practice. Using a variety of media, paper collage, pins, string I undertake drawn wall works that investigate the formal concerns of drawing – structure, colour and line.

Utilising the actions of collage, installation and wall work I generate drawn visual narratives.   These visual narratives are often site-specific, ephemeral and constructed from the fragment. They transpose personal ideas of space, history, movement, memory and feeling.

My works are directly inspired by the lived visual experience, spatial structure and felt perceptions.  It is an honour to undertake the Hill End Artist in Residency programme.  During my stay I have taken this opportunity to install a wall work that I believe reflects an emotive, historical study of the local environment to reveal another aspect of the community.

The drawing ‘To My Dear Mix.’ is based on a series of plates from ‘The Birds of Great Britain by John Gould’*, sourced from a book “British Birds on Lake, River & Stream” found at the library, Haeflingers Cottage, Denison Street, Hill End.  These printed images formed the basis for a series of analytical drawings, investigating the planer space – the drawn structures and planes within a two dimensional image, of John Gould’s bird illustrations.

Subsequently, the wall work ‘To My Dear Mix.’ explores how my eye reads a picture; investigates the compositions of the drawings of ‘John Gould – The Bird Man**; and are a record of the particular measurements contained within a drawings spatial structure and its two dimensional surface.

*British Birds On Lake, River and Stream, with sixteen colour plates after the originals in The Birds of Great Britain by John Gould and text by Phyllis Barclay-Smith, published by The King Penguin Books,1939.

To My Dear Mix

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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