A performance light drawing  for ‘Black Sheep’ GOOGLE 2010 with the Sydney Fringe 2010, at the Hardware Gallery, Enmore Road, Enmore.

The light drawing, ‘Fluffy Llama’ is a performance piece, installed on site at the Hardware Gallery on September 7th 2010.   The wall work was inspired from sighting a llama amongst a field of sheep at Hill End, NSW.

I undertook to install this site specific installation using 20 meters of LED light rope and electrical cable clips, within the timeline of the exhibition opening, a maximum of 4 hours.

The visual problem set for this project:- drawing using only one continous line & a single weight of mark; drawing into corner site; pressure of resolving work within stict time line.

This performance directly exposes my drawing process to an audience – the steps undertaken, tools used, the decsions and corrections experinced whilst installing a site specific, drawn wall work.

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Lew Palitis at Hardware for his continued support and inspriation to continue to undertake futher risks, grander projects and continue challenge my art practice. Nice One Lew. :+)

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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