RatFinkPup IV – A light drawing in the Vitrine space, PLATFORM Flinders Street Station Melbourne.

This project was installed within the Vitrine space, at PLATFORM. A display cabinet with a confined space measuring 62cm depth by 128 high by 240 cm long. Here I spent in total 55 hours installing a light drawing of my dog Oscar, from 20 meters of LED light rope.  The installation of Oscar Scratching is one level a small hommage to Matisse as it reminds me of the dog scratching his ear in the painting ‘Tea in Garden’.

These light drawings are formal investiagations in line, colour and structure.  RatFinkPup series is a continuation of drawn installations made from a single strand of LED lights. The works are analtical exercises, ephemeral and pose the problem how to depict a true, ledigble and open form using only one continuous line and a consistent weight of mark.  The basis for this particular project was to expose the drawing process to an audience and investigate the theme of movement in a drawing.  For this purpose I chose the action of scratching.

This site specfic work at PLATFORM was my first public art work and allowed me the opportunity to learn and develop my practice on several levels.  I found the experience both extremely challenging and once the dust settled profoundly rewarding. The nature of the site, the installation time line and pressure of producing a “public” art work posed another level of personal struggle onto the work.  The technical, physical and emothional difficulties faced working in a busy, public site, for long periods of time in a relatively confined space for a with a transitry audience presented numerous interesting “learning curves” and “issues”.  That said I feel this light work is one of my strongest, riskiest and most thought provking drawings. One I am quite proud of.

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Acknowledgement: Thanks to Wina Jie for your great images, always a pleasure working with you. Anusha and PLATFORM Space many thanks for the opportunity.

Click here, to visit PLATFORM.

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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