Decorating Loos – Curated by Marrickville Art Lab (under the ATVP Emerging Curators Mentorship Program). AT THE VANISHING POINT CONTEMPORARY ART, Newtown 3-20th June 2011.

Title of Artwork:

 A Moment of Contemplation

Produced: June 2010/ Medium: Paper collage, pins / Dimensions: variable

Continuing with the over arching practice investigation: drawing as the central activity to my art practice. Inherently I undertake to explore the formal concerns of drawing – structure, colour and line.

Utilising the actions of collage, sculpture and installation I generate drawn visual narratives.  These visual narratives are ephemeral, site-specific and transpose personal ideas of space, history, myth, movement, memory and feeling.

For the project ‘Decorating Loos’ I undertook to explore the architectural confines and volumes presented by the compressed space of a toilet cubical. The drawings inspired by the Lascaux cave paintings, where composed and installed directly onsite over a 3 day period

For the duration of the show I installed a stool into the toilet cubical and invited guests to close the door, sit down and contemplate.  (The drawings, the show or their navel!)

About Susannah Williams

Visual Artist.
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