A Site Specific Drawing Project with Sydney Fringe September 2011 at Carriage Works

Aim: To bring an art making process and a gallery audience closer together by composing and installing the drawn wall works in real time into the exhibiton hall, with the prospect of generating interest in the drawing process.

For the duration of the project I held an open studio installing the drawings directly into the gallery. The drawings comprise paper collage, pins and string. They are intricate, time consuming and transitory. It was interesting to see the public’s reaction to the work and the drawing process which ranged between mild interest to open curiosity and productive dialogue.

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Acknowledgement: Thank you to Peter Morgan for your fabulous photographs and support during the project. Looking forward to collaborating again in 2012.

Sydney Fringe Festival 2011 Immerse at Carriage Works 245 Wilson Street Everleigh NSW 2015.

click, link to Sydney Fringe Festival awards for excellence.

click link to Immerse at Sydney Fringe Festival 2011.

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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