Animalia:a short trip up III

Installation event with Sydney Fringe Festival 2012.

A drawing project for Sydney Fringe at Art Est Gallery & School Liechhardt.

The project Animalia III was conceived as an open studio event with Fringe Festival.  The drawing project was housed at ART Est.  For 10 days I composed, live to site, a series of drawn installations using pins, string and paper collage.  The drawings were formal investigations of the humble pigeon in flight.

Materials: Paper collage, (National Geographic & Sotheyby’s catalogue), twine and nails.

The installation a series of six separate drawings, measured 22 meters long.  It was constructed over 11 days into the compressed space, of the gallery corridor.

The ‘open studio format’ of the project gave me the opportunity to develop and tune the drawing live to site and engage directly with fringe audiences and ART Est visitors

Audiences ranged from Jen, Pablo and Art Est crew, teachers, students, parents and studio residents; fringe directors, artists and participants and the ART Cycle crowd.

Installation at ART Est.

Installation at ART Est.

Sydney Fringe Festival 2012

Sydney Fringe Festival 2012

20120921-susie-williams-est-documentation-14 20120921-susie-williams-est-documentation-16 20120921-susie-williams-est-documentation-23 20120921-susie-williams-est-documentation-24 20120921-susie-williams-est-documentation-29

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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