Artists in Transit at Cementa13

Artists in Transit, a collaborative project between Susie Williams and Ro Murray, are hitting the road this week and heading up to Kandos NSW, to the contemporary arts festival  Cementa13.  

AIT will develop the project Dunn’s Castle, into the festival precinct using tape, dumped fridges, discarded head sails and more.  

Dunns Castle

The castle is a folly capturing the essence of Kandos. That is, the cement works and its connection to the land. The land it has changed and the land that it shelters under.

AIT are exploring a visual process using analytical poetry and felt geometry. Our work extends into a night walk to the stars.

The installation can be seen during the festival which is running 1-4th Feb 13. 

In November 2012, I was invited along with Ro Murray to undertake an artist in residency in preparation for Cementa_13 festival.  The collaboration Artist in Transit was formed and a series of exploratory projects and installations commenced. Starting with Testing an installation into the residency shop window, main street, Kandos. See here the result

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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