Cementa_13 Contemporary Arts Festival

Artists in Transit, Ro Murray & Susie Williams construct ‘Dunns Castle’: a folly in the landscape for Cementa_13 Festi.

‘Dunns Castle’, an experimental installation developed live to site over festival, 1-4 Feb 2013, Kandos NSW.  The drawing project was a measured response to the town, the Cement works, its local history and environment.  Using found, local material; Kelvinator fridge, oil drums, wooden furniture, bullrushes, pavers, fruit preserves, synthetic grass and canoe. Sourced from Murray, Kandos tip and Charbon Dam.

Site: Christine’s garden Kandos.

Project findings: –

Dunns castle produced a series of impromptu interactions and intermet conversations with local residents, artists and cementa crew.  Discoveries ranged from transits of Sirus and Venus  over festi sky; history of tip-find preserves; memories from Kandos and tip preserve tastings; to festival dogs and kids taking a pee on Ro’s synthetic grass!; and  heaps of interesting chats with festi artists, guests and friends.

AIT got a huge buzz contributing to Cementa_13. We attended performances, tours and spinning circle, partied at Kandos Projects, held campfire gin rummy games, visited Rylstone dumpling house, drank vino, kayacked at Dunns Swamp, Woollemi National Park and swam at Charbon Dam.

Thanks for avin us, Kandos.

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About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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