Sounds of Silence:on Broadway

Artists in Transit in collaboration with Warren Armstrong, finalist for ‘Chippendale New World Art Prize’ 13 April to 14 May 2013 at NG Pop Up Gallery, Shop 1 Central Plaza, 82 Broadway, Chippendale.

The installation, Sounds of Silence II, explores the theme Revitalisation; is a felt, measured response to the site’s architectural space; and local listened environment.

waz_ait_soundsofsilence_install03 waz_ait_soundsofsilence03 waz_ait_soundssilence01 waz_ait_soundssilence02

The drawing installed on to the glass frontage at NG Pop Up space uses colour coded tape, synthetic grass and soundscapes to establish a visual record of the ‘local acoustic ecology’. The sounds heard during the installation process were colour coded: Blue -church bells; Red-twittering birds; Yellow-cockatoos; Black-bass speakers/sirens;Negative space-traffic.

The installation traverses both internal and external space at NG Pop Up site. Central to this work is the glass frontage and its reflective capacity.

Thanks to CNWAP for the opportunity to install.

Many thanks to collaborative partner Warren Armstrong (sound) and Peter Morgan (images).

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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