Looking for Sound; Pure and Easy, sponsored by Ryde City Council

‘Exercises in Listening’ is an interactive installation exploring the local vicinity of Ryde Council.

Susannah Williams Looking for Sound.mov from Susannah Williams on Vimeo.

The project focuses on mapping the districts of Ryde in sound, making field recordings of the listened spaces, building a catalogue of its particular audio environment. Excerpts from these field-recordings or ‘audio memories’ are housed within a sewn map using conductive thread and accessed by an

Cameron listening to inside of pot

Cameron listening to inside of pot

audience’s touch.

Locations included: Top Ryde Oval, Top Ryde Shopping Centre, Gladesville Psychiatric hospital, Ceramic Studios, Warandra House, Marsden High School, Kissing Point, Putney.

Accompanied by wall work, “Drawing a Path & Creative Crap”, drawn live to site at See Street Gallery  using washed up plastic discard found at Kissing Point, paint, string, pins and video tape.

The project was selected for Hungry for Art Festival May 2015, installed at See Street Gallery, Sydney Gallery School, Meadow Bank.  Thanks to Warren Armstrong for selected audio editing.


Cameron listening to inside of pot

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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