Sound Chart: Arrowanelly to Jilling to Bondi

This test project was developed by Warren Armstrong & Susannah Williams at Articulate Project Space, August 2015.

The installation maps the soundscapes of Sydney Harbour. The interactive work uses conductive paint, tape, touch technology and sound and is drawn across a ‘white cube’ space measuring 5 x 5 x 3.2 meters. Sound Chart houses 24  audio recordings of Sydney waterways, including: iced drinks at Pier One; hydrophone aboard Olly; random Bob at Diamond Bay; fishing tackle at Walsh Bay ;shore breaks at Bondi; CYCA marina halyards; seagulls devouring chips and ferry trips to Cockatoo Island. The soundscapes are accessed by audience members touching the drawings across the walls and floors at Articulate Project Space, Leichhardt.

Sound Chart: from Arrowanelly to Jilling to Bondi from Susannah Williams on Vimeo.

SW-Articulate04 SW-Articulate01 SW-Articulate02 SW-Articulate09i SW-Articulate15

During the weekend viewing we had 50 guests test and interact with the work. The outcome – a cacophony of watery sounds.

Sound Chart was conceived and installed over 6 weeks a collaboration with Warren Armstrong and Susie Williams.

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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