Sound Chart Finalist Fishers Ghost Contemporary Art Prize

Warren Armstrong & Susie Williams installing Sound Chart: Arrowanelly to Jilling to Bondi, for Fishers Ghost Contemporary Art Prize, with Campbelltown Art Centre

1 November – 12 December 2015.

2015-10-28 13.27.18-1 2015-10-28 13.27.18-2 2015-10-28 13.27.21

Scaled drawings transcribing mapped notations from the nautical charts of Western Sydney waterways, of the water levels, orientations and pathways of the Harbour.  Embedded with 14 soundscapes, the work is accessed through audiences touch and exploration of the drawn surface. The selected bi-aural field recordings, are edited into found exerts describing our listened perception of the foreshore, and the harbour spaces.


Interactive Sounds of : ice cubes at Pier One; walking the dogs and waterfall at Middle Harbour; waiting to board, Drummoyne; ice skating, birds roosting and crashing surf at Bondi Beach; Acknowledgement aboard Sydney Ferry’s; random creepy guy, Diamond Head; seagulls and hydrophone aboard Olly Cockatoo Island; halyards Rushcutters Bay; ; rain loop at Milson Point and evening frog chorus at Homebush.

Medium: Raspberry Pi, electrical wire, conductive paint, tape, canvas and sound. Programmed by Warren with analytical drawings by Susie and collaborative sound catalog.  A playful work for young and old. So join us at Fishers Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown and ‘Please Touch the Artwork!’

About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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