Listening Procession – Soundscapes

The Listening Procession by Susannah Williams & Warren Armstrong was selected for Directors Cut, Blake Prize for Religious Art. Tested at Join The Dots during MOST festival 2015.

Comprised from audio recordings of spiritual spaces in and around Sydney area.
Participants are invited to access the sound work by walking across the mapped copper drawings. A mapped configuration of imagined stone circles.

Artists’ Statement

The Listening Procession is an audio installation that explores two ideas that are at the centre of many religious and spiritual practices – space and ritual.

The work consists of a wooden stage on which a drawing, in copper tape, is mapped out. This drawing is based on aerial maps of English Druidic stone circles.

The drawn elements of the map are attached to hidden circuitry that triggers sounds – which can be heard on wireless headphones – when the copper is touched and physically explored.

But rather than seeking the touch of a hand, the work invites us to take off our shoes and trigger these sounds by walking slowly and carefully; ritually following a roughly circular path set out by the drawing.

As we do so, we will hear and move through binaural recordings of the places of worship of various faiths in and around Sydney, recordings that will give us a “felt” sense of being in that space.

The recordings in this work include the sounds of stillness at the Aboriginal sacred site, Baiame Cave; the interior of the Chapel of Departed Friends at the Sze Yup Kwan Ti Temple; a morning service at St Mary’s Cathedral; people milling around post wedding in the Glenwood Sikh Centre; an evening mantra at Sri Venkataswara Temple, Helensburgh; shacharit at The Great Synagogue; Ratnadambhava (Buddha of Earth & Art) Puja at The Sydney Buddhist Centre; and others.



About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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