Plastic Histories Depature Drawings at SLOT, Redfern

Plastic Histories_creative crap_install_SLOT_web

‘Plastic Histories: the Departure Drawings’ was devised and installed directly into the window at SLOT Space, Redfern.  This durational work took 15 days and several late nights to resolve and commenced the opening night of Sydney Contemporary 2015.

The drawings, comprised solely from ‘creative crap’ found plastic and recycled materials existing within my studio cachet included straws, plastic cutlery, babies dummy’s, disposable lighters, brain wave readers, bottle caps, nails, plastic coated wire and video tape found in my studio.

For the ‘Departure drawings’ project I posed the question ‘what are the challenges of developing an installation over an set timeline;using only waste materials; in full view of the audience – Redfern Community?’ The project required an open studio approach as I fit work in around employed work; problem solving live to site and exposing the drawing process and creative indecision to the audience, seen through the SLOT Window.  The works rely purely on my own drawn judgements, eye, hand tools and assemblage of the random found objects, plastic discard and recycled waste.

Thank you to Tony Twigg, founder of SLOT Space, it was a privilege to contribute another work and to Peter Morgan for the responsive documentary photography.


About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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