Listening Device VII:Felt Histories, with Blacktown Arts Centre

This work is the seventh in a series of interactive installation-based works by Williams & Armstrong that audience members are invited to engage with by taking off their shoes, walking through it and touching its surfaces. As they do so, they will be immersed in binaurally recorded soundscapes and stories delivered by wireless headphones.

The visible elements of the work include a large scale floor mounted drawing in copper tape abstracted from official maps of migrant populations in Blacktown, and samples from the documentation used to initiate the processing of refugee arrivals in the immediate post-WWII period embroidered on an actual blanket given to refugees when they first arrived in Australia at that time.

As a counterpoint to this impersonal documentary material, the audio elements of this work are the stories of those who been through various configurations of this machinery. These are coupled with soundscapes of Blacktown as a place where real lives happen at local pools, along the main street, at celebrations in community halls, the showground, work places and sports events.

The work includes extracts from National Archives of Australia document: A11711, 365-367


About Susannah Williams

Visual artist exploring the visual nature of sound.
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