Susannah Williams

Greetings. Welcome to Susannah Williams’s Official Website – a site specific drawing and installation artist, based in Sydney Australia. This website was realised with Sponsorship from an ArtSTART Grant awarded in 2010 by The Australian Council for the Arts (ARI).

On this site you’ll find a project page: listing a gallery of completed drawing projects – commissions, installations and wall works from 2007 to date with links to the companian galleries, ARI’s activities and events.  Along side is a notice board: listing current activies and collaborative undertakings and furture planned events and works.  The About page: provides detials of my art practice; a short biography; and interests. The Contact page: details my contact information as anticpated. The Resource page: informs you of the sponsorship, support and collaborative undetakings  have recieved from grants, institutional bodies, mentors, patrons and friends.

Please feel welcome to peruse the site at your lesuire. 

 I trust you’ll enjoy.

Here I am at Sydney Opera House with proud Ma – Mo.

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